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if you say you support ‘a woman’s right to not shave’ you should also be:

  • supportive of women who grow hair in places other than their legs and underarms, no matter for the cause of this
  • supportive of trans women to affirm they don’t need to get rid of every body hair to qualify as feminine

or else your support is pointless really


Dirty Projectors - Two Doves

Geranium killer
Throat of soil of and mind like stone
Please don’t defend a silver lining
Around the halo of what is already shining
When all the planets are aligning
For an afternoon that’s never ending
Call on me, call on me, call on me


Alabama - pecan pieAlaska - king crab legsArizona - chimichangaArkansas - cheese dipCalifornia - fish tacosColorado - breakfast burritoConnecticut - steamed burgerDelaware - scrappleFlorida - key lime pieGeorgia - peach cobblerHawaii - loco mocoIdaho - fries with fry sauceIllinois - deep dish pizzaIndiana - pork tenderloin sandwichIowa - loose meat sandwichKansas - smoked sausagesKentucky - hot brownLouisiana - gumboMaine - lobster rollMaryland - crab cakeMassachusetts - New England clam chowderMichigan - coney dogMinnesota - juicy LucyMississippi - mud pieMissouri - toasted ravioliMontana - meat pastyNebraska - cheese frencheeNevada - buffetsNew Hampshire - apple crispNew Jersey - Taylor ham sandwichNew Mexico - green chile stewNew York - buffalo wingsNorth Carolina - bbq pork sandwichNorth Dakota - kuchenOhio - pierogiOklahoma - chicken fried steakOregon - marionberry piePennsylvania - cheese steakRhode Island - johnny cakesSouth Carolina - shrimp and gritsSouth Dakota - frybread tacosTennessee - Nashville hot chickenTexas - bbq beef brisketUtah - funeral potatoesVermont - Ben & Jerry’s ice creamVirginia - country ham biscuitsWashington - cedar plank salmonWest Virginia - pepperoni rollWisconsin - cheese curdsWyoming - beef jerky(x)

I really want to go to each of these states and eat each of these things there.


Alabama - pecan pie
Alaska - king crab legs
Arizona - chimichangaArkansas - cheese dip
California - fish tacos
Colorado - breakfast burrito
Connecticut - steamed burger
Delaware - scrapple
Florida - key lime pie
Georgia - peach cobbler
Hawaii - loco moco
Idaho - fries with fry sauce
Illinois - deep dish pizza
Indiana - pork tenderloin sandwich
Iowa - loose meat sandwich
Kansas - smoked sausages
Kentucky - hot brown
Louisiana - gumbo
Maine - lobster roll
Maryland - crab cake
Massachusetts - New England clam chowder
Michigan - coney dog
Minnesota - juicy Lucy
Mississippi - mud pie
Missouri - toasted ravioli
Montana - meat pasty
Nebraska - cheese frenchee
Nevada - buffets
New Hampshire - apple crisp
New Jersey - Taylor ham sandwich
New Mexico - green chile stew
New York - buffalo wings
North Carolina - bbq pork sandwich
North Dakota - kuchen
Ohio - pierogi
Oklahoma - chicken fried steak
Oregon - marionberry pie
Pennsylvania - cheese steak
Rhode Island - johnny cakes
South Carolina - shrimp and grits
South Dakota - frybread tacos
Tennessee - Nashville hot chicken
Texas - bbq beef brisket
Utah - funeral potatoes
Vermont - Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
Virginia - country ham biscuits
Washington - cedar plank salmon
West Virginia - pepperoni roll
Wisconsin - cheese curds
Wyoming - beef jerky

I really want to go to each of these states and eat each of these things there.


If Game of Thrones was made by Disney…

Series created by Fernando Mendonça

For years you had this ache in your chest
that you felt needed to be cut out of yourself.
Like a splinter shoved down too far to reach.
Something festering.
Something that whispered infection.
Stubborn girl, you didn’t stop trying
until the sink ran red.

The first time you thought you found God,
it was not in a church.
It was a humming caused by your own hands.
It might have been your pulse let loose.

But you were wrong.

Your first taste of heaven was not by your own hand
or even in the mouth of a lover.
It was the first time you heard a song
about not wanting to kill yourself anymore.
You stopped writing suicide notes with biblical themes.
You started writing letters of apology to your own wrists.

You grew up with an ache in your chest
but you still grew up.

You are still growing. I think that is the point.

"For Myself, On The Days When I Can’t See The Point Of Getting Out Of Bed" Trista Mateer (via tristamateer)


Twin Peaks-Pilot

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